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Multipure Aquadome – High Performance Countertop Drinking Water Filter at an Affordable Price



Maintaining great health just became more affordable! Low cost and ease of use make the Multipure Aquadome a great drinking water filtration system for you and your family. But low cost does not mean compromising on performance. The Aquadome provides a high level of performance that is no less than the higher priced Multipure Aquaversa.

The Aquadome is a highly effective drinking water filtration system that sets on your countertop next to the sink. It connects to your existing faucet with a 2-way hose and a chrome diverter valve, providing you with easy access to fresh, clean drinking water whenever you want it. You easily switch from filtered to unfiltered water at the push of a button.

The Aquadome uses Multipure’s unique solid carbon block filter technology, which is considered to be the most effective method for reducing a wide range of contaminants of health concern that may be present in your local water. The carbon is compacted into a dense structure, causing every molecule of water to be forced through microscopic pores of carbon, effectively reducing pollutants. The solid carbon block water filter is a replaceable cartridge designed so that it may be easily changed. The solid carbon block water filter does not waste water, there is no electricity required, it does not remove essential trace minerals that are beneficial to good health, it does not add salt or silver to the water, and it provides fresh, delicious, healthy drinking water.

The Aquadome is a portable system that is suitable for your home, office, RV, or vacation home, and it takes only minutes to connect the system and start enjoying a steady supply of fresh, clean drinking water. The filter housing is constructed of high-impact polypropylene plastic and the system is tested to meet stringent NSF/ANSI certification standards. With a 90-day Money-Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty on the housing, a Multipure Aquadome Drinking Water System is easily the most cost-effective drinking water filter available for the money.


Features of the Multipure Aquadome include:

  • Designed for countertop installation
  • Economical to own – Operating cost is 9¢ per gallon
  • Long filter life – Capacity is about 1 year of typical use
  • Employs submicron (0.5 micron) solid carbon block technology with easily replaceable filter cartridge (model CB6AD)
  • Utilizes mechanical filtration, electrokinetic adsorption and chemical/physical adsorption processes for comprehensive contaminant reduction
  • Tested and certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 (Aesthetic Effects), 53 (Health Effects) and 401 (Emerging Contaminants) to reduce a wide range of contaminants of health concern (see product Performance Data Sheet for specific contaminant reduction information)
  • Comes with one filter cartridge
  • Includes necessary accessories, easy connect fittings, and installation hardware
  • Extensive owner's manual with detailed instruction for installation and troubleshooting
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty on housing

  • What's In the Box

    How to Install the Aqua Dome (MPAD)


    MPAD Owner's Manual
    The Owner's Manual provides detailed instructions for installing and maintaining your new water filtration system.

    Performance Data Sheet
    NSF product certification data with contaminant reduction test results.

    MPAD Specifications Sheet
    Detailed specifications for the MPAD

    CA Certification Sheet
    State of California Certification Sheet


    Model Aquadome MPAD
    MSRP $259.95
    Replacement Filter Cartridge Model CB6AD
    Estimated Annual Maintenance Cost $69.95
    Recommended Service Cycle Replace filter cartridge annually
    Description Countertop carbon block water filter
    Installation Location Attaches to faucet; sets on countertop
    Filtration Technology Activated solid carbon block
    Particle Retention Size Submicron (0.5 micron nominal)
    Housing Composition Polypropylene plastic
    Diverter Valve Composition Chrome plated lead-free brass
    Rubber Items Neoprene
    Inlet 1/4" Pipe
    Outlet 1/4" Pipe
    Rated Filter Capacity 750 Gallons
    Compliance Certification NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53 and 401
    Weight (basic unit) 2.92 lbs.
    Height 9.5 in.
    Body Diameter 5.15 in.
    Approximate Flow Rate 0.75 gpm @ 60 psi
    Maximum Operating Pressure 100 psi — 7.0 kg/cm2
    Minimum Operating Pressure 30 psi — 2.1 kg/cm2
    Maximum Operating Temperature 100° F / 38° C - cold water use only
    Minimum Operating Temperature 32° F / 0° C - cold water use only
    Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime on housing; 1 year on accessories

    Click to view a PDF version of these specifications

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    Aquadome with Cartridge
    Aquadome Accessories
    Aquadome Housing
    Aquadome with Hose Fitting
    Diverter Valve
    Faucet Adapters


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