BT-7 Bio Tuner
The BT-7 Bio Tuner is the perfect aid for relaxation and stress reduction. The harmonic frequencies help create a sense of well being and peace.

In the US, the BT-7 Bio Tuner is considered for experimental research only: No claims are made.

Price: $225.00
The Silver Pulser is Dr. Bob Beck's combination micro-current generator and colloidal silver maker.

This unit allows the user to make high-quality ionic colloidal silver in minutes and to follow Dr. Beck's protocol. TheSilver Pulser is not the same as the Hulda Clark Zapper.

Price: $250.00

The Magnetic Pulser is a pulsed magnetic field therapy instrument that is professionally designed, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate as per the specifications in Dr. Bob Beck's research. The Magnetic Pulser (MPG) is designed to generate an intense (~33,068 Gauss) momentary (~2.5mS) magnetic field. NOTE: Please do not confuse the MPG with permanent / ceramic magnet therapies, or with EMR (electromagnetic radiation) producing devices!

Price: $350.00
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