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CES Ultra Stress is our nation’s #1 health problem. It is the source of the anxiety, depression, and insomnia plaguing millions of Americans. Stress accounts for more than two-thirds of family doctor visits and is an important risk factor in all major illnesses. Left unchecked, it is a killer.

There are many ways to manage stress. Among the most popular is altering brain chemistry through the use of pharmaceuticals. This approach is not without its problems however, including negative side effects and cost.

Now there is CES, or cranial electrotherapy stimulation. Employing mild electrical stimulation, CES helps restore your emotional balance, returning you to optimum pre-stress functioning in a safe, non-addictive, and affordable manner.


Reduces tension
Elevates mood
Normalizes sleep patterns
No serious negative side effects
Easy to use, compact, and portable
A fraction of the cost of prescription drugs

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