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The best introduction about the SE-5 and Radionics (most complete) is in the book Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions by Don Paris Ph.D. 

Regaining Wholeness 
Through the Subtle Dimensions





Advanced Training Course for the SE-5

and the SE-5 plus and SE-5 1000
training materials


DVD offers easy to use menus to find each

section of the training course.


Advanced Training $295.00

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Taken from  a three day workshop, this course covers the begining uses of Radionics and the SE-5 through the most advanced uses. 

Six hours of video instruction walks you step by step through a 75 page workbook. By far the most complete and indepth training for the SE-5 ever put together on video.

You will have the benefit of hearing the answers to the kinds of questions you have always wanted to ask.

Exciting new possiblities await you as you deepen your skills with Radionics and the SE-5.

Learn how to expand your efficiency with the use of a personal computer and your SE-5. 

About the Course

This course is taken from a three day intensive seminar and will challenge the beginner as well as an advanced user of the SE-5. You will be learning though lecture, discussion and hands on training. Highly technical issues will be brought down into understandable concepts and language. A well rounded course.


About the SE-5 1000

The SE-5 1000 is an instrument designed to detect and balance subtle informational fields. This is a highly sophisticated instrument that is both easy to use and very versatile. Because of its digital circuitry, it is fully computerized which reduces your time spent in analyzing and balancing of the subtle fields. Whether you are experimenting in the area of health, agriculture, business or mining, the SE-5 fulfills its purpose.

Course Contents

  • Review the  uses of the SE-5 in health, agriculture, pets, and business.
  • Work at the DNA level to increase longevity, clear genetic imprints, & activate higher consciousness.
  • Preparing potentized substances.
  • Clear negative energies.
  • Increase speed and accuracy.
  • Work forward and backward in time for more effectiveness.
  • Clear negative past lives.
  • Learn about the aura and how to clear it of toxins.
  • Develop Tunings for the SE-5.
  • Understand theory of Tunings.
  • Targeting Substances.
  •  Amplify prosperity.
  • Enhance spiritual growth.
  • Use color and geometrics.
  • Using word Tunings.
  •  Balancing emotional IDF with Bach Flower Remedies.
  • More...



    About your Trainer

    Don Paris Ph.D. is an internationally known seminar leader on the forefront of subtle field research. In his book entitled Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions, Don brings to light many new theories and applications of the SE-5 plus in an easy to understand, entertaining fashion. Truly a landmark for the acceptance of Radionics and this technology. 

    For the past 20 years he has lectured on alternative health throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Far East. He has trained doctors, health practioners, and lay people in over 30 countries throughout the world.
    Don's easy teaching style and vast knowledge of his subject makes the class interesting and fun to learn. 

    Intermediate Training for the SE-5
    This SE-5 Intermediate Training Course presented by Greg Morgan Ph.D. was produced in the late ‘80s and has many valuable methods and procedures contained herein.

    This course was presented for the original SE-5 and as such, SE-5 Plus users will need to adapt some of the methods to the newer instrument.

    Some of the methods have been since revised in the Beginning Training for the SE-5 Plus. One such difference is the measuring of the Main and Subheadings of the Biofield Research Manual. When this video was presented, the Main Headings and Subheadings were measured from zero as they had Non-positive Tunings associated with them. This was later changed to Positive Tunings for the title of each heading and subheading. We now measure each Main Heading and Subheading from 100% with the ideal state being 100%.

    As you go through the course, adjust your readings accordingly.

    Intermediate Course

    Course Contents


    ____Auric Energies


    ____ Allopathic





    _____Color and Sound

    _____Electrical and Electromagnetic

    _____Flowers and Aromatics

    _____Gemstones and Crystals










    Intermediate Training Course DVD

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