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Living From Vision®

is a miraculous

Home Study DVD course 


to help you feel powerful
and manifest your greatest dreams
so you can live happily and 
fulfill your purpose in life.

Life is about developing depth of soul; it's about understanding the laws of the universe, the 101 of creation.

It's about learning to love and co-create reality.

If you want to develop your power to create, to live in harmony with your intuition, and explore your life form the inside out, then THIS is the course for you!

This course Living From Vision® teaches whole brain thinking, imagery, relaxed focusing and immediate action.

No matter how many trainings you have taken, this course will give you wings. "It is a grand recipe that actually works!" (as quoted by customers world wide)

This course really delivers! A structured five-week course leads you to actually live what you truly envision. By dealing clearly with the feedback you encounter as your actions begin to manifest, obstacles are easily resolved, and the natural flow of creation comes through you.

This is a powerful course for anyone who wants more from their life, and is willing to commit to a process of creating it. 


You will practice:

  • How to manifest your visions, goals, wishes
  • How to find and express your personal purpose
  • Step-by-step methods to ensure your goals come to life 
  • How to deal with negative emotions, and make them work for you 
  • To Handle stress effectively 
  • How to create a happy life, and sit in the driver's seat of your life 
  • Develop your creativity.... yes, ... write, sing, travel.... 
  • Have the financial dreams of yours come true 
  • Develop your emotional and intuitive IQ 
  • Have time for yourself again   ... b r e a t h e ... 
  • Make the special projects you have been dreaming about come true 
  • Face your fears.... turn them around to become your allies 
  • Feel empowered
  • develop a higher version of YOU and live it
  • Read the testimonials..... (Click here to read testimonials) 

Within this complete home study system (with 8 DVDs, 3 CDs, one workbook, and a day-planner) you will find virtually every proven manifestation technique created to date. This course accompanies you every day in actually doing and manifesting what you learn! 

Within five weeks of practice you will feel happier, experience changes in your life that you are hoping for, and you will most likely be very surprised at the manifestations that you are able to create.
This course is a distillation of the best, the Crème de la Crème of self-improvement technologies.

Based on the powerful ideas of Robert Fritz, Anthony Robbins, Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind), Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) and other pioneers of manifestation and human potential.

Imagine living life as you want it to be, instead of as a reaction to the demands around you.

Imagine finding out what matters most to you, and then manifesting your vision. 

This course really delivers! A structured five week course leads you to actually live what you truly envision. By dealing clearly with the feedback you encounter as your actions begin to manifest, obstacles are easily resolved, and the natural flow of creation comes through you. A powerful course for anyone who want more from their life, and is willing to commit to a process of creating it. 

living from vision

What effects can you expect from this course?

You will soon start feeling and seeing results in your life:

  • Less stress, increased creativity, ease at problem solving and manifesting your goals are some of the results people experience. 
  • Most people move from feeling 'average' to 'very happy'. On a scale from 0 - 10 they move from 6.5 to 9 across the board in their self-assessment of their happiness level.
  • You will be able to watch your goals and dreams come to life through the metaphoric method of manifesting
  • You may feel a glow develop around you as you start feeling that you are again in the driver's seat of your life.  
  • You will feel more powerful and deepen your self-esteem.
  • You will find your intuition and inner guidance becoming more accurate. 

"We live in a phenomenal universe. Our real universe is"CONSCIOUSNESS INTERACTIVE." That means that what you imagine has effect on the world you live in."

  Ilona Selke

ilona selke

My name is Ilona Selke, I am an internationally published author and seminar leader. 

15 years ago, my husband Don Paris Ph.D. and I, discovered, just like you are now, the Living From Vision® Course.... and our lives started changing. We learned the sacred techniques of manifesting. We got to know the Genie of the Universe. I know from my life's experience that this method works. We still use it every day.... I haven't found anything better in the last decade!!!! 

For the past 12 years, we at Living From Vision has been teaching people worldwide, people like you and me, in Australia, Asia, South America, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, France, and North America. 

We have a very successful international alternative health business. We used our minds, imagined a great life and used the Living From Vision® Course.
We travel internationally, teach seminars, give lectures, are on the Radio, in magazines and on TV.  In our free days we swim with dolphins. 

You can learn how to shape the fabric of life. You can perform 'miracles' because you can  learn how to do them. It is what the course is designed to deliver......WHEN YOU ARE READY.....

People have told us that they would gladly have paid $10,000 for the Living From Vision® course..... They have more than quadrupled their income....and....We know that you will be so impressed and delighted with your results, you will suggest that your friends and family take the course!! 

What will you receive in your package!

You will receive: 

  • 8 DVDs approximately 2-3 hours for each weekly session (or 5 VHS) 
  • 3 CDs with powerful morning and evening exercises 
  • 1 Study book to go along with your video training 
  • 1 Daily workbook for five weeks to help you see and feel the success you are creating 
  • All materials are designed to accompany you for five weeks (at minimum) to ensure that these methods are integrated into you daily life and not just into your mind.
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So I ask you: "Are you ready to take on the ability....step by create your life the way you really want to have it? 
Are you ready to write happy stories for you life?"

If so, then you can place an on-line order now. Or you can call us at 1. 800. 758 .7836

(001. 360. 387. 5713 internationally West Coast time)

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Living From Vision® Self Study Course


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