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Freqently Asked Questions


Q. How long have you been selling these kinds of instruments?

A. We have been in business since 1988 selling Energy Health Tools and training people how to use them.

Q. Is it true that you knew Bob Beck personally?

A. Bob was like my second father. We visited very often either at his place or mine over a period of about 10 years. We spent hundreds of hours on the phone together talking about everything from electronic theory to philosophical questions of life.

Q. Is this only an online store or can I speak to someone that is knowledgeable?

A. You can reach someone live between the hours of 9AM-1PM M-F West Coast time. 1-800-758-7836 or 1-360-387-5713.

Q. How long will it be until I get my order?

A. We normally ship the same or next day so it depends on your shipping method when it actually arrives.

Q. What kind of warranties are offered?

A. Most products carry a 1 year warranty but it varies with different products. If you have a question on a specific product, please give us a call.

Q. Do you have other websites?

A. Below is a list of some of our other websites:


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