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Kirlian Photography and the MegaChi Pendant

Megachi Pendant You can see just how dramatic the results are! On the left is the before photo and on the right is the after photo. You still can definitely see just how the Pendant immediately changes auras. As you know, nothing happens on the physical body until it happens on the auric body first, in fact it's the aura that creates the body, and not the other way around. Therefore as the auric body is changed and healed, the physical body cannot help but follow.

These before-and-after photos are taken within 5 seconds of each other. What was very interesting was that as soon as the pendant touched the individual's clothing, there was a blue flash, and then a dramatic change in each of their auras. Clearly it doesn't matter if the pendant is directly on the skin or not. It works equally well either way, and can even be carried in a a pocket. The only one that did not change was Deborah Stuart, president of Oxygen Research Institute, LLC, and although she had not been wearing the MegaChi Pendant for about 2 hours previous to the photography, there still was little difference except an enlargement of her aura. Deborah Stuart has been wearing the MegaChi Pendant for over a year now, and we suspect her aura did not change dramatically because she is now vibrating at a very high resonant frequency of violet and white light. Also, the Pendant's effects will continue to be felt over a period of days even if taken off. What is interesting is that when she had a Kirlian photograph taken 2 years ago, her aura was purple blue, green, orange and pink. Really all colors. Obviously, her aura has changed dramatically to a very high and pure vibration since then, as indicated by the white light and violet which is the crown chakra.

All the other subjects had never worn or even seen the MegaChi Pendant. The fact that the pendant did or did not touch the subjects' skin directly seemed to make no difference, and we have noticed that the Pendant works equally well in a pocket or as a necklace.

The results show that the MegaChi Pendant really works, and are indeed dramatic and conclusive! The immediate shifts in color prove there is a universal intelligence behind this energy.

MegaChi pendant under Kirlian Photography

Subject # 1 - Deborah Stuart - You rarely see an aura as beautiful as this. She is radiant with white light and Divine energy! She has been wearing the MegaChi pendant for over a year now so there is very little change. Deborah's energy is very stable.

MegaChi pendant under Kirlian Photography

Subject # 2 - Guy - A beautiful being that is aging. The shift to green indicates rejuvenation which his body could use. The Green energy is essentially Love in action helping to rejuvenate.

MegaChi pendant under Kirlian Photography

Subject #3 - Gwen - After receiving the energy of the MegaChi Pendant, her energy transmutes to the higher violet ray of purple, the state of harmony and bliss.

MegaChi pendant under Kirlian Photography

Subject #4 - James - The orange indicates agitation and upset, and the red, distrust. Once the MegaChi Pendant is placed on James there is immediate peace coming in and tranquility, as indicated by the blue. This balances the unhappiness of the orange. The green again indicates rejuvenation, and the love energy coming in through the MegaChi Pendant.

It's very interesting that negative EMF's and fear energy run vertically, and our Life Force, the source of Healing Energy, runs horizontally. As you may well know, fear is a parasite. It cannot live unless we give it credence. In other words, the more we allow ourselves to feel it, the more it grows. When fear comes up, it's very important to acknowledge that you're in fear, and essentially, choose a different and much more wonderful reality. I know that by letting go of the fear, we will lift onto a whole new level of consciousness. That's essentially the game plan with this amazing technology!

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