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Green Genie Marine Phytoplankton

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100grams $169.00USD

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About 2 years ago a long time SE-5 practitioner called and told us about a product called FrequenSea. She told us the usual miracle stories that usually surround a mulit-level product but the difference was all of these things had happened to her and her family and friends. Mainly out of curiosity and our long term friendship I told her we would try a bottle.

For the trial I let Ilona use the whole bottle because she had just undergone surgery for appendicitis and was still recovering. I was very impressed with the changes I saw in her, so I ordered some more and tried it for myself. I have to say for me... I wasn't overly impressed. But I am the type of person that doesn't really feel the effects of supplements. I take some basic supplements and I have tried about everything to see if it is a fad or really has some merit. I also like to test new products with the SE-5 to see how they rate on the energy level.

Ilona kept using the FrequenSea and over the period of about a year, I did see greatly improved amounts of energy (which is incredible if you know Ilona because she has always been very high energy) and a much stronger immune system and stamina on all levels. I tried it off and on, but since it didn't seem to do much for me, I couldn't really say for myself if there were any changes.

One day Ilona came to me all excited because she found a source for the active ingredient in the FrequenSea, Marine Phytoplankton algae. It was not a mulit-level company and their testimonials were not aimed at selling the product. She ordered some and after we got it I thought I would give it try as well since it was new.

I was not prepared for what happened next. Now this was a supplement that was very immediate and strong in its effect on me. I felt totally energized (although not speedy) and more awake and centered. It doesn't feel like I was getting a kick like caffeine, but more like a steady source of nutrition like I had never felt in my life. This was all from 1/4 teaspoon!

For the last year both of us have been using the Marine Phytoplankton and I can honestly say that it is was kept me going the last year. Most of you know what kind of year it has been by building the Retreat Center in Bali and the Spa and the development of the SE-5 1000. What you don't know is the background of how many hours it has taken to put all of this together. For more than a year, my days have started around 5:30-6AM and I finish at midnight or 1 AM! But I haven't been running on adrenaline or caffeine. Of course I take time out of the day to do Yoga and walk in the forest and eat right, but it has been a very intense year.

I feel great! My health is better than ever and I feel balanced (yes of course sometimes I got tired) but I know I would not have made it through in such good shape without the Marine Phytoplankton.

As I did more research on Phyto chemicals and Super foods I realized I had stumbled onto something that will change the way we think about supplements. Of course vitamins are important, but the phyto chemicals in foods seem  to go directly into the cells and feed them exactly what they need.


But don't take my word for it.... watch these videos and see for yourself what others are experiencing.







100grams $169.00USD

50 grams $94.00 USD

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