Planetary Balance
(From the inventor of the SE-5 plus)
This geometric resonates with positive earth energies. The intent of the pattern is to clear earth imbalances. These imbalances come from ELF, the abused rain forests, chemical and radiation pollution, and the misuse of atomic energy.
The Planetary Balance comes in 10, 5, 2.5 inch diameters. The larger sizes exhibit stronger effects.
Planetary Balance 2.5 Inch Price: $10.00
Local Harmony
(From the inventor of the SE-5 plus)
This geometric resonates with the IDF information intended to clear local environmental imbalances. These imbalances include gravity anomalies, ley line disturbances, soil infertility, and pollution. The effective range is about 150 feet of the pattern.
Set of 4 Cards Price: $38.00
Mandalas and Mantras DVD
(From the inventor of the SE-5 plus)
Mandalas and Mantras is a 42 minute experience of colors, geometric shapes and designs, sounds and music, and Tunings that makes your TV set into a chakra balancing device.

One does not need to directly watch the TV screen to experience the results, but it is fascinating to see the movement of colors and shapes. As the tones change in pitch, the colors and geometric forms emanate IDFs that balance each of the chakras.

Price: $19.95
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