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The MegaChi Pendant

Connect to the Divine!
Feel The Magic of Ancient Egyptian and Cutting Edge Technologies!

The MegaChi Pendant







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The longer you wear it, the better you feel!
High Energy Bliss with ChiBliss Source Energy™!

The Institute of Biofeedback in San Francisco concludes that The Megachi™ Pendant significantly increases ability to meditate, and release stress or relax with eyes closed. In the waking state the MegaChi™ Pendant increases the ability to release stress, and relax, as well as the subject being much more creative, leading to increased ability for problem solving.
We're so sure you'll love the MegaChi Pendant that we have a 60-day money back guarantee!

  • Expect to feel a wonderful sense of well being.
  • Expect to be more connected with your intuition and your higher self, so you remember things that matter.
  • Expect to feel vitalized and energized so you can accomplish the things that are important to you. Wonderful for all sports activities!
  • Expect to resonate at a higher level so you're in the flow. When you're in the flow, you attract wonderful, things, events, and people into your life!


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Why Does The MegaChi Pendant Work?
The MegaChi™ Pendant is designed to amplify the 12 Higher Harmonics to raise the attractor energy patterns, of the wearer; the higher your attractor energy patterns, the more beautiful experiences, people and things you attract into your life.
David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, in his book, "Power Vs. Force", describes attractor energy patterns as having harmonics in much the same way that musical tones do. The higher the harmonics of the attractor energy patterns, the greater their power. Breakthroughs in shifting one's energy come from raising these attractor energy patterns. When the individual raises the harmonics of his or her attractor energy patterns, he or she is no longer able to resonate to the lower, grosser fields of energy that have been exerting a negative influence on behavior.
Considered the Sap of the Tree of Life in the Kabala, this same energy is used by practitioners of Feng Shui in China and has been linked throughout the ages with higher states of Consciousness, Abundance, and Longevity. The Great Pharaohs of Egypt utilized this energy in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramids for their initiation ceremonies.
What is extraordinary about the MegaChi Pendant™, is that never before have the 12 Higher Harmonics, 12 levels of vitality, or 12 spiritual planes been together on Jewelry! In alignment with the energies of love, gratitude, and White Light Protective Energy, an amazing energetic synergy is taking place!
The Ancient Egyptians, as well as modern day Egyptologist, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, believed that radiation, which existed naturally in zones between contaminated veins in the earth, and now in modern technology in the form of Negative Electro Magnetic Energy (EMF's), can actually be repelled by The 12 Higher Harmonic Energy Fields!

Manifesting your dreams and intentions...

How to work with the MegaChi Pendant™:

Professional Athletes know the amazing power of visualizing and feeling themselves winning. The MegaChi Pendant™ is designed to amplify intention, raising emotional intelligence, so that you can deeply feel having what you most desire. This is key to reality creation. When you want to create something specific in your life, simply hold the MegaChi Pendant™ , and ask for what you desire with focused intention. Now, visualize yourself having what you want with all the love, all the gratitude, and all the excitement you can feel, and hold that image and emotions for 33 seconds, then release it. You will be amazed at how quickly you'll manifest your intentions. For best results, repeat 3 times.
$275.99 - We're so sure you'll love the MegaChi Pendant that we have a 60-day money back guarantee!
This bronze pendant is plated in 24 k Gold, or Rhodium (Platinum)
Size: 1" X 2"

Lifetime Guarantee* (Does not include wear and tear.)

More about the MegaChi Pendant™
The MegaChi Pendant™ is the culmination of 10 years of research from Oxygen Research Institute, LLC. Our commitment is to design the most protective and transformational energy possible, while ensuring that it's beautifully balanced. Through our research we have utilized the higher harmonic energies, including the higher harmonic of gold - physical abundance, and horizontal positive green, which is the same healing, forgone energy that Chi Gong masters are able to emit from their hands. The energy of gratitude and love are equally present in the MegaChi Pendant™, as the more you feel gratitude, the more you have to be grateful for.
How Does The MegaChi™ Pendant Work? ?Through our research we are continually improving the energy emanating from the pendant. Using Information Transmission Technology™ (ITT), as soon as we take the energy to the next level, the MegaChi™ Pendant, which is a transceiver or conduit, automatically receives and sends the "ChiBliss Source Energy." So whether you buy the pendant now or a year from now, the energy signal will continually be upgraded as we upgrade our energy. Some can actually feel the MegaChi™ Pendant tingle or pulse in their fingers.
Many believe that the stronger the energy the better. Not so.
We have discovered that even the most beautiful healing energy, if not properly balanced with the other energies, can actually become " the bridge too far" as we call it, and turn the energy signature into Chaos, which is the opposite of healing, life force energy.
Not only is the energy in the MegaChi Pendant™ of the highest vibration, it is beautifully balanced. Even when people have conflicting or oscillating energy caused by stress, by wearing the MegaChi Pendant™, it is designed to shift their energy to a higher harmonic energy signature.

The Ancient Egyptians and 12 Higher Harmonics
The Ancient Egyptians as well as the French researchers, believe that the 12 Higher Harmonic Healing Energies run horizontally, as they are horizontal magnetic energies and that Negative energy such as negative EMF's, fear and even other people's negative energy run vertically. This vertical energy promotes entropy or aging, and causes illness. They believed that by building up your horizontal energy, in time the vertical negative energies cannot even touch you, as you'll be vibrating at a whole new frequency, filled with life giving, healing horizontal energy.
Wear your MegaChi Pendant™ with other jewelry and gemstones, and amplify the healing energies of your pearls, crystals, amethysts, ruby's, sapphires or whatever you choose.
In fact because the MegaChi Pendant™ contains only the highest and purest energy, including scalar, or a no frequency informational carrying wave, which opens doors to higher consciousness, whatever pendant you wear it with will be positively amplified.

Caring for your MegaChi™ Pendant
Tap gently three to four times every day on soft wooden or plastic surface to knock off any extra negative EMF's, or other negative energies that may have accumulated. Do not wear the MegaChi Pendant in the shower or bath, as chlorine will cause deterioration.

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