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Holographic Imaging Sessions

To set up your own session with Ilona Selke

Ilona Selke
Call her at: 1- 800- 758- 7836

Or email her at:

I invite you to a Holographic Imaging Session with me on the phone.
I have been able to assist thousands of people and would like to invite you to try this unique and powerful method yourself.
These sessions may prove to be powerfully life altering for you!

I will also show you ways in which you can continue on your own after our session on the phone.

It is one of the most effective methods for transforming blockages or any of our daily frustrations into our dreams-come-true.

We only need to learn how to travel through the mind to the place of design. We constantly create our life, usually unconsciously or at the whim of outer circumstances. Experience a refreshing method of accessing the Holographic Design, and you will enter a new dimension of your life.

Mobilize your deeper energies, those usually held in check by old habits or childhood patterns. Re-create your Self!
Activate within you the power to be creative and watch your life unfold with fun and amazement.

Holodynamics and tracking was originally developed by Dr. V. Vernon Wolf, professor of psychology and philosophy. Since 1980 this method has created truly amazing transformations in people in Germany, Switzerland, Africa, Australia, Russia, France, South America and North America and now India.

I have been teaching this method to therapist, Doctors, teachers, and laypeople since 1989.
We have watched people change from being at the doors of death to coming back to life and living their dreams. People say that they now have a magic wand in their hands.
Life is really as you dream it, so you can start to create any dream you like.

You may want to:

  • improve your relationships & love
  • manifest more health
  • remove blockages from making more money
  • improve your self healing abilities
  • improve your self image
  • remove doubt
  • feel strong again
  • be closer to God
  • have a more peaceful mind and heart




Whatever your dream; the choice is yours!
Heal your past & co-create a brilliant future for yourself and others!

Come and access your higher dimensional being, open your mind to living multi-dimensionally and live in Heaven on Earth with me.

Understand the exciting world of the Holographic Universe and learn more than to manipulate your events, feelings and behavior. You can create enlightenment, joy, and enter Heaven on Earth now.

Ultimately we live in an alive matrix of consciousness and are multi-dimensional beings. We can ignite our enlightenment, time travel and wake up in the dream called life!

The purpose of our life is to evolve and mature in our soul. Since our universe functions on the principle of a hologram, this maturing process can be supported through holographic imaging. I welcome you to try a private telephone session out.

You can book a half hour session at first to give it a try and see for yourself how magnificent you can feel.

I will add FREE 10 minutes
This will serves as our set-up time to discover what you want to transform.

The cost is: $1.00 USD per minute.
Go as long as you like or choose 30 or 60 minute sessions.
Choose what best suits your needs.


Here is what a recent client said after just one session:

Dear Ilona,
Thank you for the beautiful session. It was very powerful. I love the image I received and am keeping it in my consciousness...
Your work is quite profound. As I have told you I am trained in hypnotherapy and am quite familiar with imagery work.
I cannot thank you enough.
The work that you do is filled with so much shakti and you truly radiate that. When we were doing the session at my studio, at one point I opened my eyes and looked at you. Your eyes were closed, however, but I could feel waves and waves of powerful energy streaming from you.
It was quite awesome.

Love, Shayala


If you would like a session:

  • Email me and let’s set up a session:
  • Or call my office Toll Free at: 1-800- 758- 7836
  • International calls: 001-360- 387- 5713


I am looking forward to meeting you on the phone!

Yours Ilona Selke

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