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Sota Instruments

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Products by Sota Instruments


 brain tuner
BT-9 Bio Tuner

The BT-9 Bio Tuner is the perfect aid for relaxation. The harmonic frequencies help create a sense of well being and peace.

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In the US, the BT-9 Bio Tuner is considered for experimental research only: No claims are made.

Price: $275.00

Brain Tuner



Mag pulse
The Silver Pulser is a combination micro-current generator and colloidal silver maker.

This unit allows the user to make high-quality ionic colloidal silver in minutes.

In the US, the Silver Pulser is considered for experimental research only: No claims are made. Price: $295.00

Brain Tuner


silver pulser









The Magnetic Pulser is a pulsed magnetic field therapy instrument that is professionally designed, thoroughly tested. The Magnetic Pulser is designed to generate an intense (+- 6000 Gauss) momentary (~2.5mS) magnetic field. NOTE: Please do not confuse the Magnetic Pulser with permanent / ceramic magnet therapies, or with EMR (electromagnetic radiation) producing devices!

In the US, the Magnetic Pulser is considered for experimental research only: No claims are made.

Price: $395.00

Brain Tuner





Water Ozonator 

Water O3zonator is designed to freshly ozonate a glass of drinking water for increased oxygen and a fresher taste. Independent laboratory tests show the SOTA unit “sterilizes drinking water that is heavily contaminated with several different micro organisms.”*

The SOTA unit is portable as it operates using 12 Volts. In addition to operating from the 12 Volt DC adaptor that comes with the unit, a 12 Volt battery can be used. Ozone output is greater than 200 mg/Hr.

 Price: $395.00

Brain Tuner

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In the event the link is not active, call Sota at 800-224-0242 and give the operator your Discount code number CA50070. Pass this Discount code along to your family and friends and they will also receive the 5% discount on their first purchase. Sota will process your credit card and ship the items directly to you from Canada. Charges will include item amount & shipping.

Sota Instruments Retailer Program

Become a Sota Retailer and earn a rewarding income, while helping your family, friends and community with the Sota Protocol. Information is available on the Sota Instruments website. We welcome the participation of health professionals and lay persons alike. You can access the Sota site through our link under Option 1. Please reference our I.D. - CA50070. You can also call Sota Instruments directly and ask them for complete details at
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