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Wow...the Voyager Galaxy Light and Sound Mind Machine! Now at a Super Discount Price


Are you interested in different states of consciousness? Do you enjoy adventure? Do you like to seek out answers and experiences that take you to dizzying heights? Do you like to work to your peak levels? Do you like to unleash your personal power?

Or do you just like to have a blast of fun?

If so, check out the Voyager Galaxy. It is the easiest mind machine on the planet and now it is on sale big. With just the flick of the switch this can assist you to experience useful and beneficial applications…..including…

Laser Light Show

You can check out a laser light show anytime you desire when you have the Voyager Galaxy.

Deep Relaxation

You can use your Galaxy to help you while unwinding after a day’s work, to refresh yourself prior to meetings, or in a jiffy, during your lunch break.

Creative Visualization

Use the complex, shifting visual images you see during a session as stimulus to your creative imagination or to assist you with brainstorming.

Accelerated Learning

Deep relaxation is an integral part of the Superlearning Technique, and is necessary for sleep learning. You can use the Galaxy in combination with audio programs in language instruction, guided imagery and a range of other audio programs.

Visualizing and Goal Development (Business and Sports Improvement)

You can use your Voyager Galaxy to assist you with such things like increasing motivational levels, and increasing concentration and other performance factors necessary to sports achievement.

Plus more…

A good friend of mine loves to wear his on airplanes and he says it helps him travel easier. I have never personally used these on a plane but regardless this is the mind machine to get.

It is easy to use, it is well built and sturdy as a Mack truck. It is attractive, sleek and a fully loaded, light and sound machine with a whopping 30 pre-set programs. Here is a photo...

Galaxy Light and Sound

Here is a quick list of the features:

* Full light/sound capability
* Adjustable light intensity
* Adjustable volume levels
* Start and pause buttons
* External audio input
* Sleek, contemporary design
* Compact, portable, and easy to use
* Stereo sound with adjustable pitch
* Powered by four AA batteries (over 50 hours of battery life)
* Optional a/c adapter available
* Full one year warranty

Fully Loaded like a Cadillac SUV with 30 Pre-Set Sessions

Your Voyager Galaxy is locked and loaded with terrific pre-set sessions including:

1) Sleep Time
2) Deep Relax
3) Theta One
4) Cat Nap
5) Visions
6) Earth Resonance
7) Inner Focus
8) Mind Magic
9) Sports
10) Energize
11) Mind Magic 2
12) Fourth of July
13) U.F.Oria
14) Meditation
15) Whole Brain Learning
16) Performance Intensive
and much much more...

And of course you also have manual controls so you can adjust everything just as you desire.

Super Powerful - Warning

This is powerful. People who are photosensitive, epileptic or photo-epileptic should not use a pulsed light device. AVS (Auditory / Visual Stimulation) instrumentation can be construed as pulsed light devices. In addition if you are currently taking psychoactive drugs such as barbiturates, tranquilizers or stimulants do not use your Galaxy. This is a tool for personal achievement and growth and to be used at your own risk.

How to Use Your Voyager Galaxy

You can use this anytime, anywhere. You can use this daily, weekly or twice a day. You simply slide the glasses on, adjust the headphones (They come with extra long cords for your comfort) and push start. Away you go. You can literally be using this two minutes after it arrives. Easy, fast and ready to go.

How Much is it?

Recently I was involved in securing a large quantity of these for a special project. Since I bought so MANY, we can pass on savings like crazy. Nobody has these for anywhere even close to this discount price. I bought a lot of them, so you get the benefit!

The regular retail is $259.95 Right now you get everything including your handy carrying case for the low price of just $199.95.

Bulk Discount Available

Do you offer BOR? Do you have a office? Do you do demonstrations or do shows? Offer your customers the ultimate Mind Machine and SAVE big!

Get 3 Mind Machines for just $180.00 a piece and sell them to your customers for a nice profit!

Order Today, this special offer is only available for a limited time and once my supply is gone, that is it. The prices go back up to normal!

PS. Here are some free light and sound mind machine resources and downloads...

1) The Clinical Guide to Sound and Light

2) Photic Stimulation Enhancement of Peak Alpha Frequency and High/ Low Alpha Ratio

3) Performance Enhancement with Photic Stimulation and EDR Feedback

Order today

You will be glad you did! Especially at this special price which is over $60.00 less than others have paid.

Galaxy Light and Sound Machine

List Price $259.95
Our Price $199.95
You Save $60.00

The Galaxy is no longer available....


The perfect companion for theVoyager Galaxy Light and Sound

Quantum Imaging Mind Journeys

These guided imagery sessions were originally developed for the Voyager.

Click here to learn more and listen to a sample Journey.



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